MotivatiOMeter - How to picture your progress

MotivatiOMeter erstellen - Ausdrucken - Aufhängen - Ausmalen
MotivatiOMeter erstellen - Ausdrucken - Aufhängen - Ausmalen

When the road to success seems endless and your next goal like miles away, there’s a trick to keep you motivated and going:
Visualize your progress!
Not only in your mind, but with pen on paper!

Create your own MotivatiOMeter below. A MotivatiOMeter is like a mixture between a speedometer and a fuel gauge for your progress.

2. Print it.

3. Pin it on the wall for you / everyone to see.
4. Colour it – One segment each time another step towards your set goal is done.


Special hint: How many steps does it take till you can see your goal coming into reach? Set the MotivatiOMeter’s needle there and you’ve got an intermediate goal!

Header of your MotivatiOMeter:   


Number of Segments:   


Needle on:  


? ¿ ?

Already printed and pinned?! :-)
What are your experiences with motivation, goals and the MotivatiOMeter?

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